This ESI-UK Equality, Diversity and Inclusion eLearning course is designed to support students gain the knowledge and skills to successfully find employment during these difficult times.

Topics included within the course include; 

  1. What does equality, diversity and inclusion mean: With many different viewpoints on these terms, we provide absolute clarification on what they actually stand for!
  2. UK Law: What law is in place to support equality, diversity and inclusion in the UK, and how this can impact on us all.
  3. Different types of discrimination: What is discrimination and what are the different types that we need to be aware of in both life and work.
  4. What is stereotyping: Stereotyping is often a term confused with other aspects of equality, and again we provide clarity and deeper understanding of this key area.
  5. Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion: Finally... how can we all promote equality, diversity and inclusion - lots of great examples to look at.

The course is expected to take approximately 2 hours to complete and includes a series of engaging eLearning pieces to ensure you enjoy this learning experience.

Once all learning is complete, there is a final multiple choice assessment to complete the course.

All successful students will gain a nationally recognised ESI-UK Certificate

Best of luck.


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